Online Calendar
How to Use the Online Calendar

Online Calendar is the best way to keep track on the things you got to do, friends birthdays, doctor appointments, meeting, tests in school and so much more.
Online Calendar is a user friendly app that anyone can work with; here you can find quick instructions of how to work with Online Calendar:
Monthly Preview

The online calendar comes with a monthly preview as default; you can flip between the months by clicking in the arrows on the top left corner of the calendar. You can flip to months in the future or in the past, as you choose.

In order to go back to todays month, just click on the "Today" that will take you immediately to the current month.
Schedule Meeting Events in the Calendar.

Creating a new event in the calendar is easy, just double click on the day you want to create an event, a pop window will open, there you can write the name of the event, choose an hour and choose the date (you can create to event for a different date from the one you clicked on).

Straight forward and simple!

If you have any questions, please email them to use through the contact us page.

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